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1. Q. What is Jute & when it is sown & harvested ?

Ans - Jute is a cash crop and it is sown from March-May and harvested from end June to September upon the weather conditions.

2. Q. Where Jute is used ?

Ans - Jute is used mainly for manufacturing of Sacking, Hessian, and other products. It is one of the most versatile fiber & also it is Eco - Friendly which has various uses in the form of Handicraft items.

3. Q. What is the position of India in production of jute in the World ?

Ans - India is the largest producer of Jute in the World.

4. Q. How many Jute Mills are there in India?

Ans - As on date, there are 98 composite jute mills out of which the state of West Bengal has 72 jute mills with Andhra Pradesh having 12 mills, Uttar Pradesh 3 mills, Bihar 3 mills, Orissa 3 mills, Assam 2 mills, Chhattisgarh 2 mills and Tripura 1 Jute Mill. Ownership-wise 6 mills are under the Government of India, 1 mill each is owned by the Government of Tripura and Orissa respectively, 1 mills in Assam is in the cooperative sector and the rest are privately owned.

5. Q . Where I can get the information on Production of Jute Goods?

Ans - The information can be ascertained from the website by clicking the link ‘Facts & Figures’ on

6. Q. What is the composition of various products in total production ?

Ans - Roughly , Hessian 15%,Sacking 75%, & others 10%.

7. Q. Where can I get the information on Domestic Consumption of Jute goods ?

Ans - The information is available from our website

8. Q. In which areas decorative Jute based Fabrics are used ?

Ans - It is mainly used in furnishing, carpets, upholstery, blankets, shopping bags and other home made textiles.

9. Q. When to submit monthly raw jute return and returns for jute goods production/consumption, employees etc. by jute mills?

Ans -Returns for a given month are required to be submitted by the10th of the following month.

10. Q. What is the percentage of export of jute goods against total production?

Ans -The share of jute goods export is around 12%.

11. Q. Which are the major jute items in our export basket ?

Ans -The major jute items are Yarn 45%,Hessian 33%, Sacking 15%, & others 7%.