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Functions of Jute Commissioner Office

The Jute Commissioner looks after orderly development and promotion of the jute industry in India. He has been discharging both regulatory and developmental functions. This is not only includes jute mills, but covers right from raw jute marketing up to the finishing stage of jute goods production including development of machineries and accessories used in jute manufacturing units. The Jute Commissioner exercises regulatory powers under Jute & Jute Textiles Control Order, 2016.

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Know Jute

Origin - Jute is a natural vegetable fibre under the category of bast fibres like flax, hemp, kenaf and ramie. Since ancient times, it has been traditionally grown in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, which make up of the present day West Bengal of India and plains of Bangladesh. Jute is an annually renewable plant belonging to the genus.

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  • To furnish information on Factory License, BIS License & Workers position for the year 2020-21(upto December,2021-reg)New

  • Notification regarding amendment of GST rates dated 18-11-2021New

  • Order dated 03-12-21 to all jute Mills / Manufacturing unit of jute goodsNew

  • Tender Cancellation Notice ( e-Tender for Empanelment of Inspection Agency for inspection of B. Twill Jute Bags )New

  • Order dated 10-11-2021 to all jute baler, traders, jute mills, jute manufacturers, stokist, agenciesNew

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  • Order dated 05-10-2021 for Traders dealers Agencies Stokists of Raw JuteNew

  • Reasonable Price for Raw juteNew

  • Empanelment of IT Resource Person (Assistant System Administrator)New

  • Order dated 26-08-2021 for Traders dealers Agencies Stokists of Raw JuteNew

  • Circular for changes of bank account of Jute MillsNew

  • Order dated 24-08-2021 to all Jute MillsNew

  • Application for the post of Deputy Director (Marketing)New

  • Application for the post of Assistant Director (Jute Manufacture)New

  • Order dated 26-07-2021 for traders dealers agencies stokistsNew

  • Order dated 20-07-2021 to all traders, dealers, agencies and stokists of raw juteNew

  • Clarification dated 12-07-2021New

  • Sacking requisition Order dated 09-07-2021New

  • Order dated 09-07-2021 to all mills regarding supply to NafedNew

  • Order dated 09-07-2021 to all trader dealers agencies stockists of raw juteNew

  • Notification dated 18-06-2021New

  • Order dated 18-06-2021 for traders dealers stockists of raw juteNew

  • Order regarding 100% payment of Bales dated 04-06-2021New

  • Order dated 01-06-2021New

  • Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19New

  • Policy for B-Twill Allocation 12-04-2021New

  • Order for permission to all jute mills for supply to NAFEDNew

  • Order to all jute mills dated 09-04-2021New

  • Order Dated 24-03-2021New

  • Order No.4250(E) dated 26-11-2020New

  • Policy of B-twill AllocationNew

  • Submission of Raw Jute purchase detailsNew

  • Order dt 19-02-2021 -NAFEDNew

  • Order dated 19-02-2021New

  • Order dated 17-02-2021 to all MillsNew

  • Order dated 17-02-2021New

  • Abbreviation used in the annexure to the Order dated 20-01-2021New

  • ORDER - Dated 20-01-2021New

  • Order dated 15-01-2021 for TradersNew

  • Sacking Requisition Order dated 13-01-2021New

  • ORDER dated 13-01-2021 for NAFEDNew

  • To furnish information on Factory License, BIS License and Workers details for the financial year 2019-20(as on 31-12-2020)New

  • Seeking Public Comments/Opinion on Proposed Amendment of Jute & Jute Textiles Control Order 2016 dated 06-01-2021New

  • Declaration of name(s) of Shortlisted firms/agencies in Technical BidNew

  • Updation of Data in Allocation Policy for placement of PCSO quota on Jute MillsNew

  • Raw Jute Stock Control Order for Traders dated 06-11-2020New

  • Prioritywise destination of U.P. dated 19-10-20New

  • Letter to all jute mills 09-10-2020New

  • Order dated 08-10-2020New

  • Order dated 05-10-2020New

  • Order dated 25-08-2020New

  • Raw jute stock control order dated 25-08-2020New

  • U.P. destination amendment dated 17-08-2020New

  • Sacking Requisition Order dated 20-07-2020New

  • Revision of Crop Year and Colour Code on Account of A.P.New

  • Prioritywise destination of Tamil NaduNew

  • Payment of 100% Bill amount to The Jute Mills- CorrigendumNew

  • Payment of 100% Bill amount to The Jute MillsNew

  • Order dated 08-06-2020 under JPM Act.New

  • PCSO for the month of June, 2020New

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