The Office of the Jute Commissioner, Kolkata is the nodal agency for all Jute Control orders and Licensing Policies, under Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The various statutes regarding to Jute Industry issued by Government of India are as follows.


Jute Packaging Materials (Compulsory Use in Packing Commodities) Act 1987
Reservation of JPM for food grains and sugar - date extended till 30th September 2017 
JPM Act - Notification for Percentage of Reservation 
Press Release - Extension of Norms for Mandatory Packaging in Jute Materials 
Jute Manufacturers Cess Act 1983
National Jute Board ACT 2008


Notification under JPM Act dated 27th August 2010

Notification for withdrawal of minimum price dated 7th July 2006
Raw Jute Control Order for Traders No. Jute (Mktg.)/45/2005 dated 26-12-2005
Raw Jute Control Order No. Jute (Mktg.)/46/2005 dated 23-12-2005
Reasonable Price Notification S. O. 1746 (E) dated 12-12-2005
Jute & Jute Textiles Control ORDER OF 19th April 2000.(Now repeal & replaced with jute & Jute Textiles Control Order of 4th Feb,2016)
Jute and Jute Textiles Control Order of 4th Feb 2016.
Jute & Jute Textile Control ( Amendment ) ORDER 2002 
Jute & Jute Textile Control ( Amendment ) ORDER 2005 
Jute & Jute Textile Control ( Amendment ) ORDER of 9th November 2005 
Powers under Jute Packaging Act; ORDER of 26th August 1987
Mandatory Jute Packaging ORDER of 28th September, 2004
Jute Batching Oil Order of 28th August 2001
Jute Bags Marking Order of 4th July, 2002


JMDC Procedural Rules 1984
Jute Packaging Materials Rules of 26th August 1987