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Raw Jute Control Order No. Jute (Mktg.)/46/2005 dated 23-12-2005

No.Jute(Mktg)/46/2005                                                                         Dated: 23-12-2005


Whereas having regard to :

a. the quantity of raw jute being used by you;
b. the maximum quantity of raw jute which the manufacturer has had in his possession during the
    period of six months immediately preceding the date of the order;
c. capacity to manufacture jute textiles;
d. the availability of raw jute for manufacture of jute textiles; and
e. the need for maintaining stability in prices and supplies of raw jute;

It is necessary to specify the maximum quantity of raw jute which you may, as a manufacturer of jute textiles, have in your own possession ;

Your eight weeks’ consumption requirement will be duly intimated and you can commence buying as laid down in the succeeding paragraph.

Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers vested in me under clause 5 of the Jute and Jute Textiles Control (Amendment) Order, 2002 (hereinafter referred to as the said Order);

I, S.Majumdar, Jute Commissioner, hereby direct that :-

a) in case, you have already built up stocks of raw jute in your mill and up-country godowns including stocks in pipeline in excess of your eight weeks’ consumption requirement, you shall reduce such stocks to eight weeks’ consumption level in course of normal process of manufacture in your mill; you shall totally suspend fresh purchases of raw jute, as defined under clause 2(e) of the said Order, from all sources either directly or through your agent or third parties until the above mentioned stocks come down to your eight weeks’ consumption level and that outstanding deliveries of raw jute against contracts concluded earlier have also to be rephased by you so as to comply with this direction.

b) In case, you have stocks of raw jute in your mill and up-country godowns including stocks in pipeline below your eight weeks’ consumption requirement, you may buy only such quantity of raw jute to ensure that total stocks in your own possession do not exceed your eight weeks’ consumption as specified above.

This Order shall come into force with immediate effect and remain valid till further orders subject to reservation of right to modify the same at any time during this period as merited on a review of the situation.

This Order shall not be applicable to delivery of raw jute by Jute Corporation of India and to stocks of imported jute provided the office is immediately informed and the imported stocks in baled form are available for verification by the personnel of this office..

I further direct under clause 7(1)(a) of the said Order that you shall submit to the undersigned a signed return indicating full details of stocks, purchase, consumption, etc. of raw jute as on 24-12-2005 latest by 27-12-2005 and thereafter, for every week ending Saturday so as to reach the undersigned by every Tuesday of the following week in respect of the weekly return.

If you fail to comply with the provisions of this Order, you shall be punishable under clause 9 of the said Order.

                                                                                           All Jute Mills
                                                                                           Jute Commmissioner

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