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Ministry of Textiles; Government of India
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Reasonable Price Notification S. O. 1746 (E) dated 12-12-2005

S. O 1746(E) -- In exercise of powers conferred by S. O. 1547 (E) dated 28.10.2005 and corrigendum notified by S. O. 1580 (E) dated 9.11.2005, I, Subhakirti Majumdar, Jute Commissioner, under Clause 3(4) and 3(5) of Jute & Jute Textiles Control Order, 2000 hereby fix the reasonable price until further orders as mentioned in the schedules appended to this notification of different varieties of raw jute, mesta or bimli or grades thereof and under Clause 3 (6) of Jute & Jute Textiles Control Order, 2000 no dealer, trader or agencies shall sell or offer to sell any person offer to purchase or purchase any raw jute at a price exceeding the reasonable price mentioned in the schedules to this notification. The word reasonable prima facie in law is reasonable in regard to those circumstances of which the actor, called on to act reasonably, thinks or ought to know. The prevailing and past price of raw jute, the nexus between raw jute price and that of finished goods including the production and conversion cost, the total quantity of raw jute consumed so far, the total size of the present crop of jute year 2005-06, the extent of raw jute that are backed by genuine and firm commitments to sell and to deliver, the future trade in raw jute and the contracted price in the exchange, the provisions of JPM Act, 1987 and other factors have been considered while arriving at a reasonable price as these factors need to be known to arrive at a reasonable price of raw jute.

The quality / grade of raw jute as specified in the schedule appended to this notification are as mentioned in BIS No. IS271:2003. The railway freight and other expenses necessary for the transportation of raw jute from purchasing centres to Kolkata have been computed and are stated in the schedules appended.


EIJHE have mentioned that no contract through Transferable Specific Delivery Contract (TSDC) has been registered over the period and National Multi Commodity Exchange ( India ) Ltd at Ahmedabad have requested on 11/11/2005 to allow them to respond by grant of a week’s time to send the genuine and firm commitments of sale and to deliver. Till date NMCE have not intimated the details. In respect of Jute Balers Association and NCDEX no details regarding such firm and genuine commitments of delivery / purchase have been intimated. The composite jute mills which have till 08-12-2005 reported about the contracted quantity of raw jute with price will be exempted from the purview of this notification.

                                                                            [F. No. 5/13/2003-Jute]
                                                                       S. Majumdar, Jute Commissioner
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Reasonable Price Notification S. O. 1746 (E) dated 12-12-2005

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