1.  Q. What is Jute & when it is sown & harvested ?

Ans. Jute is a cash crop and it is sown from March-May and harvested from end June to September upon the weather conditions.

2. Q. Where Jute is used ?

Ans. Jute is used mainly for  manufacturing of Sacking, Hessian, and other products. It is one of the most versatile fiber & also it is Eco - Friendly which has various uses in the form of Handicraft items. 

3.  Q. What is the position of India in production of jute in the World ?

Ans. India is the largest producer of Jute in the World.

4. Q.  How many Jute Mills are there in India?

Ans. There are 78 jute mills in India of which 61 is in West Bengal located along the side of river Hooghly, 3 each in Bihar & UP, 7 in A.P.& 1 each in Assam Orissa, Chhattisgarh, & Tripura .              

5. Q . Where I can get the information on Production of Jute Goods?

Ans. The information can be ascertained from the  website by clicking the link ‘ Facts & Figures’ on www.jutecomm.gov.in

6. Q. What is the composition of various products in total production ?

Ans.  Roughly , Hessian 20%,Sacking 65%, & others 15%.

7. Q. Where can I get the information on Domestic Consumption of Jute goods ?

Ans. The information is available from our website www.jutecomm.gov.in     

8. Q. In which areas decorative  Jute based Fabrics are used ?

Ans. It is mainly used in furnishing, carpets, upholstery, blankets, shopping bags and other home made textiles.                     

9. Q. When to submit monthly Raw jute return no I&II by jute mills& twine units ?

Ans. Raw jute return no I&II is required  to be submitted by, 7th of the following month. The prescribed format may be downloaded from our website www.jutecomm.gov.in

10. Q. What is the percentage of export of jute goods against total production?

Ans. The share of jute goods export is around 12%.

11. Q. Which are the major jute items in our export basket ?

Ans. The major jute items are Yarn 45%,Hessian 33%, Sacking 15%, & others 7%.

12.Q. Which are the major countries where jute diversified product are exported ?

Ans. USA, UK, Italy, Germany and Spain.

13.Q  How many Sick jute mills are referred to BIFR ?

Ans. There are 26 jute mills, referred to BIFR. The details of which may be seen from our website www.jutecomm.gov.in