India is  the leading producers of Jute in the world. Eastern Region

of India accounts for majority of the Jute that is produced in 

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Jute is a natural and biodegradable fibre. It is  environment  friendly    and has good  strength. which is 4 times that of steel



Latest Jute and Jute Textile Order dated April 2000.




Office of the Jute Commissioner, Calcutta is  the  nodal  agency  for  all  jute related activities in INDIA

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Office of the Jute Commissioner

C.G.O Complex, 3rd MSO Building,

4th Floor, DF Block, Sector - 1, Salt Lake,

kolkata - 700 064.



+ (91)- (33) - 2337-6979/80



+(91) - (33) - 2337-6972/73/74



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